Deliver Us From Evolution?

Is this book any good? I had not heard of it yet.

Haven’t heard of the book or the author till you mentioned him.

I just found this:

That books is actually on my Kindle. Or, more accurately, on the PC Kindle on my laptop.

I seem to recall that the author signed into evcforum and mentioned his book there.

I have not looked closely at if for a while. As best I recall, it seemed reasonable but nothing to get excited about. Most people at PS would not have a problem with it – except for the YECs and the ID proponents.

Is it a scientifically sound primer though? Is it correct and in depth?

I did not notice any serious scientific problems.

I would not use “in depth”. It is mainly oriented to creationists (YEC and ID), trying to persuade them that their criticism of evolution is mistaken.

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