Dunsworth: It Is Unethical To Teach Evolution Without Confronting Racism And Sexism

I’m not sure it is unethical, precisely, though I am sympathetic. The conversation on Human Zoos from earlier this year is important:

A Reckoning on Race

The Discovery Institute published a piece announcing the movie Human Zoos, which argues evolution as inextricably linked to racism. One of our own, author @NLENTS, responded,

I continued…

What Would Be Unethical?

I want too add, however, the same applies not to just evolution, but all the things that have been used for racism in the past. The unethical behavior I am concerned of here is in selectively raising concerns about racism against ideas we don’t like, while selectively ignoring similar histories in ideas we do like. It turns out that Polygenesis began a religious concept long before, Darwin, and long before evolution. If we are going to take falsified views of evolution to task on racism, we should also tell the full story.

Racism is real, and this is why it should not be used selectively as a tool to disparage ideas with which we disagree. If anyone wants to have a frank and open conversation about race, we would welcome it. Let us begin that conversation as soon as they are ready.

A Better Way?

I want to highlight @Jordan’s response to the dialogue on
Human Zoos. He is a professor a Christian school, and he writes: