Expanded categories list

I noticed recently someone commenting on the need for a new-comer to do a search for other posts on on a given topic. It occurred to me that our categories list could be used better if it were more granular, or more topic tags added. For a new-comer to be able to pull up a list of threads with a category / topic of flood geology might help them see the previous discussions that have been had, and possibly easier to refer them to helpful material.

Not sure if this is needed, but I would be interested in hearing thoughts from the moderators on it.

That’s the problems that tags are supposed to solve. Have you looked at them?

Ahhhh, didn’t spot those!

At this time,

  1. We will accept proposal for new Tags.
  2. Encourage use of tags, including for users to edit headers to add Tags.

In the future, we are considering,

  1. Writing code to periodically auto-tag based on past use of a tag.
  2. Writing code to suggest new tags and auto-tag based on data.

I just put a request out for developers to help with this: A Topic Auto-Tagger with Machine Learning? - dev - Discourse Meta.