FFRF applauds, criticizes State Department’s religious freedom summit

So, is atheism a “persecuted minority,” “the majority vanguards of an already secular society,” the new “guardians of a purely objective mental and scientific orthodoxy”(since 1984?), or what other conflicting monikers do you wish to claim for your primary reference group?
In any and every case, the claim is so far from the truth as to be considered, in my backwards opinion, laughable. Seriously, and in all honesty. I’m not coming from a majority culture, either, in making that statement.

BTW, I hope it’s clear that I’m laughing with you, more that at you, at how easily the media is manipulated as a tool for carrying out a war of ideology, despite your protests to the contrary.
This abuse of the information age has made the younger generation more cynical, less gullible, yet also less rooted, than any previously.
Christians feel they have the perfect antidote, something to believe in that brings significance and meaning, rather than just the self-serving idea of freedom to “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we die.”

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