FFRF benefactor endows groundbreaking secular chair at UT-Austin - Freedom

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Very interesting. I read the linked article but am interested in learning more about what “secular studies” entails. How would you define the academic scope of such a chair?

The aim is to make the chair like the one at Oxford but more focused on US policy that is now harmfully influence by Christian Nationalists in Government.

The Simonyi Professorship for the Public Understanding of Science is a chair at the University of Oxford. The chair was established in 1995 for the ethologist Richard Dawkins by an endowment from Charles Simonyi.[1][2] The aim of the Professorship is ‘to communicate science to the public without, in doing so, losing those elements of scholarship which constitute the essence of true understanding’. It is a position that had been endowed by Charles Simonyi with the express intention that the holder “be expected to make important contributions to the public understanding of some scientific field”,[3] and that its first holder should be Richard Dawkins.[4]