Fox News: Christians point to genetics breakthroughs to show Adam and Eve are not

The secular @NLENTS noted that “science and Christianity have been pitted against each other unnecessarily. Conflicts over evolution have bred mistrust on both sides that has bled into other issues,” like skepticism about vaccines.

“When Christians and evolutionary science find harmony and common ground, or at least a peaceful truce, we can build trust and begin to work together on matters that threaten the healthy, safety, and flourishing of us all,” Lents said. “For this reason, I applaud the work that Christian scientists are doing to bring greater acceptance and understanding of science into their communities. We need not be at war with each other.”

The article gets 1.5 million views in the first 12 hours. How often does this sort of thing happen over two years after a book is published?


I suspect my book review will ruffle some feathers as well :slight_smile:


True. And now a million people think you are a “philosophy” professor (because of a now corrected mistake in the article). They are gonna be surprised :slight_smile:


I don’t believe that’s correct. Don’t you argue merely that it’s possible and very likely if we assume they existed? In fact I believe they quote you to that effect further down.


Im sure that’s what he means. Keep in mind that journalists aren’t going to be scientifically precise and often cut quotes a bit. Also, academics do well to be direct in engaging journalist, less round about than we usually are.


Congratulations. Great article.

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Title has the wrong tense.

It should say " Christians point to genetics breakthroughs to show Adam and Eve were not"

As a result of this article, I now identify as Neanderthal-American. Thanks.


You’ve identified that way for quite some time…

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