Gauger: Peaceful Science on Human Exceptionalism

@agauger wrote a piece over at ENV where she has nice things to say about Peaceful Science:

This site certainly isn’t perfect, but it is nice to see that even people we may disagree with can still find something of worth in our discussions.


@Agauger did a great job on this one. I agree.

@pnelson, take note of this too. Ann is doing some of the best work on your end in building bridges. I’m looking forward to: Gauger and Swamidass: A Conversation About God and Evolution at the end of February.

The host of Peaceful Science , Joshua Swamidass, has a piece on human exceptionalism from a slightly different point of view from mine. You can find it here. John West also wrote on the subject, adding his own perspective. We three are in agreement on this: Humans truly are exceptional. Something has happened on Earth that is beautiful and unique.