Gauger and Swamidass: A Conversation About God and Evolution

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February 28 at 7:00 pm

God and Evolution: A Conversation

The Foothill ClubŸ, 20399 Park Place, Saratoga, CA

Does affirming evolutionary science conflict with belief in God? Does evolution put limitations on God? Two experts with different points of view will converse on this topic where science and faith intersect. Dr. S. Joshua @Swamidass is a confessing Christian who also affirms evolutionary science. Dr. @AGauger is a Christian whose years of biological study ultimately led her to join the intelligent design research community. Come learn whether or not their differing perspectives have impacted their faith or their science in different ways, and ask the questions you’ve always wondered about.

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Gauger: Peaceful Science on Human Exceptionalism
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Is that Saratoga CA or Saratoga NY?

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Thanks. How in the world did you end up there?

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This should be fun to watch.

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We were invited there by the organizers.

I hope so. :smile: i think this is the day that Behe’s next book comes out too.

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Livestream? Recording?

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Can we start a list of questions to ask Dr. Gauger?

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Sure, but I make no promises about what I will ask her. We have our disagreements, but we also have common ground. It will be most interesting if both sides are engaged.

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Looks good on her CV. Yours, not so much.

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Well it is not on my CV. It is an event put on by a church, and would appear as public engagement. I’ll be offering solid science to an audience that is often distrustful of mainstream. It won’t get me a Nobel prize, but it’s what more of is could and should be doing to serve society.

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Is the “is” supposed to be “us”? I hope so. Otherwise it’s a very unusual grammatical construction :slight_smile:

No ganging up.

I agree. Engaged positively. @John_Harshman not on my CV either.

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It was a metaphorical CV.

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Kudos and best wishes to you both! May the sense of shared fellowship overwhelm whatever disagreements arise, and may you both come to a better understanding of each other, in the quest for truth in witness and in strategic and informed service to our mutual ends. And may God be glorified! Cheers!


Moving away from our usual debates about science, I was intrigued by Ann’s comments on how the intersection of science and faith affected how she raised her child (daughter?) and taught her about Christianity. I don’t know if this could find its way into the conversation between Josh and Ann, but I thought it might be an interesting starting point that the audience could relate to.

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It’s late at night and I am sleep-deprived and we are blanketed in snow, and I don’t remember saying whatever it is you’re refering to @T_aquaticus . But I think at base science’s attitude of wonder, awe, curiosity and ??? are very close to the roots of religion at its purest. Why? Who? What? How? (I’ll leave off the When?) Ask a scientist why they do science or why they are scientists and the ones not in it for prestige will say because I want to know how things work. I love solving puzzles and learning things no one else has ever known. Or I want to alleviate suffering, find a cure for this disease, improve standards of living. It’s about HOW or WHAT, not really WHY. (those of you reading this can tell me if I’m wrong, and no doubt will) Whereas religion is better in my opinion at the WHY than the HOW. Now I am way off topic. Ask a religious person why they believe and likely they will say they want to know WHY and more importantly they want to know WHO. I asked my kids to look and tell me what they saw and then we talked about it. They made their own choices. And still do.


My apologies. I must be thinking of someone else.

I think I get where you are going with this, but it may need to be fleshed out. Science also does a great job with the WHY and HOW. For example, why do clouds form and how do they form? I would agree that religion is more at home in addressing philosophical WHY’s, and I think that is where you are going with this.

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