Genome sequencing: 1 individual from China creates cluster of cases in WA

Thanks to sequencing by @UWVirology @CDCgov and @seattleflustudy we have genomes for 39 viruses sampled from WA.

Importantly 35 of these 39 viruses (90%) fall into a single genetic cluster indicating a single ~Jan introduction from China and subsequent local spread.


Ahh yes, phylogenetic methods. You know, those things creationists and ID proponents selectively insist are fantasies at arbitrary levels of divergence.

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The headline is deceptive. This one inferred person didn’t infect 39 others. He started a cluster that involved at least 35 people; he may have infected only one person in that cluster. And four of the 39 samples belong to other clusters.


Direct and indirect causation.

Yes, that’s the true situation, though it’s 35, not 39. It’s the headline that’s wrong.