Glenn Morton and Pascal's Wager

Except Glenn isn’t wagering about the reality of God. He knows, not unlike Maggie and myself and countless others.

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He didn’t. That was merely your inference. Knowing is not wagering – he was just postulating a hypothetical. You are the one who is in effect wagering, betting that your analysis is adequate and correct.

It’s a matter of the simple meaning of an English sentence.

“If I am wrong” and “I have bet” do have clear meanings. Now, you may choose to believe that he expressed himself poorly, but I don’t see how you can claim that’s not what the words mean.

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If two plus two does not equal four, then we won’t know it.

Two plus two does equal four. And we do know that. Good try, though.

God does exist, and some of us do know it.

Condescension does not add to the conversation.

So, your claim would seem to be that when Glenn said “If I am wrong” and “I have bet”, he was just expressing himself poorly. I’ll accept that.

That is not what I was saying.

I have a sudden desire to play Poker with you! :wink:

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I don’t know if he will get there again (he’s opening a new office of his company in N.C. and already has signed contracts for houses both there and for the one they’re selling in WI), but my younger son who lives near you has played weekly at the casino downtown and done quite well, paying for several family vacations, including one spring break to visit his brother in Switzerland, and also his LASIK surgeries. You should play him!

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