Here’s How Evangelical Christians Are Influencing U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Interesting post. History has not been kind to those who have crossed God’s will. Have you looked at the historical data on this?

I’m curious as to how you have determined what God’s will is.

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Listen to the speech. We know God protects Israel from the Bible.

If only God would protect @colewd from the Bible :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really an answer, was it?

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Gods will is spelled out in the Bible. Not the little issues but the big ones are repeated such as His support for Israel. The guy I linked is a well know Messianic Jewish Rabbi and is very knowledgeable about the old Christian Testament also known as the Jewish Tanakh.

And yet so many people argue about what the bible means. How do you know that you’re the one who’s right?

Or not. After all, he let them be slaves in Egypt for several generations, and he sent them off to Babylonian captivity for several generations, and, more recently, he let the Temple be destroyed (again) and sent them to exile for nearly 2000 years. “Support for Israel”?

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There are parts of the Bible that are pretty much universally accepted. These are repeated themes throughout the book. The fact that after 4000 years since the Abrahamic covenant the Jews have returned to Israel should get your attention.

There is a repeated theme in the OT or Tanakh. God makes a covenant with man. Man eventually breaks the covenant with God. God judges man and provides a punishment. God forgives man and promises a Messianic king from the line of David to change mens hearts.

Ah, I see. You’re one of those Trump-fan evangelicals with the red heifer and such.

Really? Please tell what parts of the Bible are universally accepted as true and factual.

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“In the history of this planet, there have been only two nations founded solely for the glory of God - one was Israel and the other was America.” Cahn may be an excellent OT scholar, but I’m afraid he isn’t viewing American history objectively. This does, however, explain why he was at the prayer breakfast.

What I don’t understand about the “Pro-Israel” aspect of evangelical Christianity in the US is the notion that God somehow needs our help in order to bring about His designs in the world. Jesus very clearly and repeatedly taught love and peace. Plans that will only stir up more conflict in the area seem to counter those teachings.

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The Jesus Christ was the Jewish Messiah as predicted in the OT or Tanakh. God made a covenant with Abraham. Decedents of Abraham broke that covenant. That the Israelis were exiled from their land in the time of Joseph (Son of Jacob) and in the time of the prophet Jeremiah.


Grossly inadequate. Total mythology.

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Just so we don’t go down a rabbit hole I assume this is your opinion. Right?

Over the years, the more I investigate the bible the more mythological it get. Plus as a book of morality, it is getting more and more atrocious. Those who use to bible to justify any morality is way behind the 21st century secular morality. Using the bible today for anything is a total con job to me.

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You are just repeating assertions. I have looked at the Bible in fair depth over the last couple years and believe you are mistaken. I understand you believe it is a con job and respect your belief. When we come to very strong opinions changing them can become difficult.

Who’s “we” ?

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Everyone who forms strong opinions.


When you say “universally”, do you mean among biblical literalists only? Or among the various personalities inhabiting you head? Or what?