Hidden continent under Europe

The best part, there 8s a journal of Gondwana Research! :smiley:

CBS News: Hidden continent under Europe: Researchers discover hidden continent Greater Adria mostly underwater in the Mediterranean Sea.


its interesting to note that according to the jewish tradition all continents split off from a single continent.

I was not aware of that. How old is that tradition?

about 2000 years i guess. see here:


Only 2000?

Now it looks like they missed a continent. :slight_smile:

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@Dan_Eastwood, the title “Hidden Continent Under Europe!” almost sounds like one of those old National Inquirer headlines you would see in the grocery check-out stands back in the 1960’s. The subtitle would have said, “Scientists Blame Sorcerers of Lost City of Atlantis!”

Of course, in reality it’s all about plate tectonics. (Get my drift?)

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I guess that makes you a crusty curmudgeon! :slight_smile:

Somehow I am reminded of one of my favorite bad movies - That is - a movie that is either so bad it is great, or good despite being so bad … this one might be a bit of both!

It’s also possible I liked the movie because I was 12 and Caroline Munro … YOWZAA!


I remember that one. Doug McClure was trying so so badly to escape being type-cast as the cowboy Trampas in The Virginian TV series.

He was quite entertaining in the short-lived TV series Checkmate. I have wondered if that series was the inspiration behind the recent TV series Leverage. Both involved smart good guys who would trick and rob bad guys with elaborate ploys.


It says that it came from the Zohar, which appeared first in 13th century Spain. It’s a ~800 year tradition, and considered apocryphal by most Jews.


modern creationism desires and welcomes a original single continent. it makes more sense and better looking then the present mess. The Mediterranean is only a post flood sudden creation. It was carved out at the west and thats why it looks so funny. the islands are just higher ground. They find concentrations of creatures that obviouslt fled this floooding event and were fossilized. this is unrelated to the great flood. likewise one needed after the great flood a migration route to fill up Africa with creatures.

An original single continent is no friend to a YEC. You need to move the continental plates at millions of times the present centimeter rates per year which definitely didn’t happen. Just like squeezing billions of years worth of radiogenic heating into a short time frame causes the planet to become 3x hotter than the surface of the sun (that may have negatively impacted the ‘kinds’ aboard the ark) squeezing hundreds of millions of years worth of plate tectonics into a single year also causes extreme heat problems.

But then it’s not just one supercontinent, but there have been several throughout earth’s history which makes the problem even worse for the YEC.


The difficulties that YEC have with evolution pale in comparison to the difficulties they have with the laws of physics.

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We have a mechanism for the single continent breakup. the flood year with thhe deeps being overthrown.
In fact yEC needs these continents moving in fits and starts to create the great waterflows to toss sediment masses around and on top of eaxh other to squeeze it all into rock right quick.
if there was heat created in the some way then all one needs to do is have them move in fits and starts, Lasting a whole year or so. However the fact is the evidence shows the continents moved around.
They look dumb now and so a perfect world would have just one big one.
The garden of eden directions suggest this also.

Remember the earthquake triggered tsunami off the north coast of Japan in 2011? Now imagine how bad that tsunami would have been if the entire island of Japan actually slid sidewise 1 meter? How about 1 kilometer? How about whole continents shifting thousands of miles. No ship ever built could ride that out.

You are so close yet so far.

There’s a hidden continent under Asia too. It’s called “large portions of India”.


The point is that continental sutures involve a lot of thrust-faulting. You can dress that up with sensationalistic language, but that’s what this is.