Hossjer and Gauger's single couple origin model

Dr Swamidass, I notice that Ann Gauger has been on this forum a few months ago. I could only follow fragments of the last conversations so I notice there was some controversy and some hard feelings when she left but I’m sure why. I don’t really care about the reasons for the hard feelings but I am interested in your response to her model. This may be asking you to repeat comments you’ve made earlier (I just can’t locate them) but could you share your view of her first couple model? Or perhaps you or someone there could share a link to your response or critique of her model. Anyone else’s critique would be worth seeing as well as long as it has some substance. You don’t need to connect me to critiques which just say that her views are crazy but don’t have any substantial criticism.


Is this something new? She hinted at a major new development at one point.

Is this the one with Adam and Eve as the first humans ever to exist, 18 million years ago (which is ok because they are “theologically human”), and the genetic ancestors of every other human who has ever lived?

Well, I showed her model could work over 2 years ago. It isn’t clear what her last paper in fall 2019 added to the conversation. It was strange she chose not to cite the fact that her primary conclusion had been known for 2 years now.

Our discussion of this paper is here: Gauger: A Single-Couple Human Origin is Possible

Nothing new, except demonstrating an old conclusion with weaker methods.


For what it’s worth, Dr. Hossjer is a mathematician in Sweeden who won Sweeden’s highest honor in mathematics. He’s also a professor of population genetics. It’s significant someone of his caliber is exploring the question of Adam and Eve.

Prestigious. You forgot to say prestigious.


From his website:


Director of Graduate studies in Mathematical Statistics: July 2009-December 2011, and May-December 2012.

Director of Studies in Mathematical Statistics: September 2019-June 2010.


Supervisor of 13 PhD students and 1 PhLic student with finished exams. I have also been deputy supervisor of a number of PhD students.


Member of the Swedish team at the Mathematics Olympiad in Paris 1983

Recipient of Hallberg’s donation at Uppsala university 1987

Young Swedish statistician of the year (elected by the Swedish Statistical Association) 1989

Gustavsson price in Mathematics 2009



Over the years, my reserach has focused on different aspects of empirical processes, fractal measures, robust statistics, non-parametric methods, spatial statistics, biostatistics, statistical genetics, population genetics, insurance mathematics and signal processing. I like to work in the intersection between inference theory, probability theory and various applications of statistics.

And that Sal had a lunch/dinner/meeting/brushing acquaintance with him at one point.

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All that and you still forgot to say prestigious. You’re slipping.

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