How did our Ancestors Think?

New blog starting up. Should be really interesting:

Today’s humans communicate through elaborate languages, practice complex religions, and live in communities where almost everyone is a stranger. But there may be more fundamental differences that we don’t know about: Do we feel emotions in the same way that our ancestors felt emotions? Do we problem-solve in the same way that our ancestors solved problems? Do we think about our romantic partners in the same way that our ancestors viewed their romantic partners? Psychologists continue to fiercely debate these issues. Some think that, since we have the same genes as ancient humans, we should show the same mannerisms. Others suspect that human psychology may have changed dramatically over time. Nobody definitely knows (I certainly don’t), but my hunch is that the human mind today works very differently than did our ancestor’s minds.


Would this lend credence to the idea that the authors of the the books of the Bible did not think the same way about things as we do?


Isn’t that obviously true?


Even different language is enough to suggest they thought differently. That doesn’t mean they didn’t think I as well, but we might expect they have a number of different concepts that we understand differently today.