How to Describe Swamidass

@Mung STOP SPEAKING FOR @swamidass

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Absolutely right.

But there has got to be a better way to say it than to say:

@swamidass is “id”… small i, small d.

How about:

@swamidass is a theist.

I like it. Why not?

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Seems there is interest in this, but it is getting swallowed up by a far more wordy dialogue between @Chris_Falter and @Eddie. I am going to start a new thread to discuss this. This new thread will have some rules that I expect everyone to follow.

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There was another Christian scientist who said: “I believe in small id, but not in the scientific theory of capital ID.”

What was his name again?

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In general you are absolutely right @Patrick. In this case, it may not have been off topic, and only required a small edit to have correct. @Mung sometimes is throwing wrenches, but I don’t think this was a case.

The bigger problem is that I am hard to describe. People are trying to make sense of me, and I’m not really fitting the standard categories. It is probably better we work some of this out in the forum, where i will have input in to helping people understand where I am actually coming from.

The general rules for representing me other threads are:

  1. Do not present me in a way that is likely to rile people up. I’m controversial enough on my own. I don’t need anyones help.

  2. Do not speak on my behalf, ever, unless I have explicitly asked you to do so.

  3. Understand that word choice is important to me because I am navigating a minefield with several different groups with conflicting orientations towards me. You might see it from one or two points of view, but I’m navigating more than just this.

  4. Do not make my life more difficult than it already is.


I believe you are thinking of Owen Gingerich.

Chill out. Didn’t you watch the Gauger - Swamidass video? I was merely repeating what he said in that video.


Yep, thanks.

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Any plans to also yell at people who are speaking for Ann Gauger?

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Touché @Mung

In general, I try to say something like “I think so and so might say …” etc. to indicate that I am trying to reflect the persons thoughts, but only as far as I’m rightly understanding them. I’m not trying to be their mouthpiece or spokesperson.