How WUSTL Medical School Desegregated

During his tenure at the Medical Campus, Dr. McCleskey began a research project entitled “The Desegregation History Project.” A timeline detailing the history of desegregation at the School of Medicine, and accompanying institutional challenges that African American students, faculty and staff members faced, emerged from the data. His findings were derived from historical documents, as well as interviews with individuals such as James L. Sweatt III, MD, the first African American graduate of the School of Medicine; Robert Lee, PhD, the first assistant dean of minority student affairs, now the Office of Diversity Programs, at the School of Medicine; Ella Brown, the Head Nurse at the Homer G. Phillips at the time it closed; and Dr. Julian Mosley, the second African American graduate the School of Medicine.

Once again, I’m very glad to see me university telling these stories and engaging this challenge head on.

See the three black medical students here in the 1968-1969 class. I wonder what it was like for them.

Julian Mosley
Patrick Obiayu
Karen Scruggs

Found an article on Karen Scruggs here. She was the first black woman to graduate from WUSTL Med.

Outlook Magazine, Summer 1973 - CORE Reader (page 20)