Human Civilization Isn't Prepared to Survive Climate Change

Any advice for millennials how to not want to eat a bullet reading about this?

Become a Christian and trust your heavenly Father to take care of you?

I’ve posted this on PS before, a comment that I have posted after news articles on climate change:

Even Christians wear seat belts and look both ways before crossing a road. I would think that God would expect us humans to use the brain he gave us and perhaps solve some of the problems we create. I don’t see how giving up because something is hard is something we should aim for. Also, just 4 countries (US, China, India, Russia) are responsible for over half of the world’s carbon emissions. If those countries create and innovate that will seriously reduce emissions, and they can sell their technology to the other countries.

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Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but there are some things out of your control. Sure, do what we can, but it won’t be enough (did you neglect to notice that I am all for green solutions?..and my wife and I recycle assiduously) – I suspect uncontrollable positive feedback loops have already started (like thawing of tundra and release of carbon). Maybe nuclear fusion power will become a thing and we can sequester gobs of CO₂ and buy some time, but do you think human nature is going to spontaneously change any time soon? And then there are incoming meteors, comets and asteroids, or maybe there will be a volcanic winter or two, and the question will be moot.

This is notable (hence my noting it :slightly_smiling_face:):

I am a Christian. Still find it hard to get out of bed every morning I think about this stuff.

Yeah, if I were not confident in God’s control and providence, I wouldn’t be interested in watching or reading the news.

We make a continuous moral choice of what we pay attention to, and sometimes we take our eyes off the prize.

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That’s a possibility, but we can still stop it from getting worse beyond that point.

You also need to grow food for cattle which fixes carbon. The only net carbon emissions comes from the initial loss of carbon sinks in the form of natural habitats and the amount of fossil fuels used in farm equipment/electricity.


But you can’t control an uncontrollable positive feedback loop. And cows convert a lot of carbon to methane, a maybe 10x worse greenhouse gas than CO₂, if I recall correctly.

They are self limiting. They will plateau at some point.

Compared to the use of fossil fuels, the amount of methane released by cattle is pretty small.



Sure, when all the tundra is thawed and all the methane is released.

Another factor:

Okay, then, what do you propose we do?

That depends a lot on our individual circumstances. I’m not going to obsess over the fact that we live on a dying planet whose time is limited – I already knew that. Christians should maybe be more concerned with more enduring questions.