I am in a Norwegian Newspaper

Does anyone speak Norwegian?


If you can get the Norwegian text, I can work on a translation…

My problem is I can’t access the article!

Here is what it says underneath your photo in the article:

“Some believe Adam and Eve are a myth. Others think evolution is a myth. In the book The Genealogical Adam and Eve, Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass argues that both can be true at the same time.”

I think there might be a translation problem here… Joshua doesn’t want to be doubly correct about Adam and Evolution are myths. It depends on what you think “can be true” is applied to.

The translation should end with Joshua arguing that both Adam and Evolution can be valid at the same time.

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As for the title and what it says immediately below:

American researcher wants to combine evolution and literalist Bible-interpretation

Researcher Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass thinks evolutionary theory does not conflict with a literalist interpretation of the creation account. This has got the internet boiling.


Norwegian is essentially like very old Danish. Sadly there is no translation problem. The person who wrote those lines accompanying the picture has a bit of bad grammar, and really has written something that can be plausibly interpreted to mean that Swamidass suggests both can be thought to be myths at the same time. Even so, just from what little is visible I think the surrounding context does make it clear that it is to be understood the other way.

I can’t be bothered creating a log-in myself, but the next piece still visible effectively translates to:
The conflict between evolutionary theory and the Biblical creation account, as it traditionally has been interpreted, is much smaller than we used to think, says Dr. Swamidass, researcher in biology at Washington University in St. Louis.