I Can't Find My Topic!

Bump to see if topic will reappear

Bump to see if thread will reappear

There seems to have been a change to organization. Some threads no longer appear on the main page. And that’s what probably happened here. But I’m seeing them when I click on “Unread” or “New”. Maybe there’s another way of seeing everything.

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@pnelson, your thread is right here. I just moved it to the new #scholars category, where it will now appear on the front page.

You can always find conversations threads by clicking here #Conversation, and you are in the scholars group, so if you like you can put all your threads in the #scholars catagory, where they will be spotlighted, and only high trust level people can interact with you.

Public service announcement. We changed the front page. No threads have been deleted.


I had it bookmarked. :slight_smile: