I'm a prophet now?

When did this happen?

Quick question: Are you without honor in your own land?


I’m more interested in how it happened. And is the procedure replicable?

“Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil!—prophet still, if bird or devil!—

Which prediction of yours came true?

Ah! I remember how it happened!

In October, I nominated @Faizal_Ali as Prophet in this post: Universal Common Designer theory [UPDATED and REVISED] - #174 by Puck_Mendelssohn

And a few posts later, @Dan_Eastwood , by the power vested in him by The Picard, made it so.

I’d have thought that @Faizal_Ali would remember this, but it may be that ever since the dawn of his powers of prophecy, his eye has been so completely fixed upon the future that he no longer has the same grasp of the past as he once had.


I’d forgotten all about that - but it sounds like something I would do. :grin:

@Faizal_Ali if you aren’t content in your roll as Messiah, I can change it back.

LOL! I didn’t notice this til now, but I guess it was there since October? Just leave it as is, and thanks for a good laugh to start of my new year.


It has, indeed, been there since October. I smile every time I see it…

You just can’t plan a good slow-burn like that. :laughing:


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