Uncommon Descent Blog is Dead

@Joe_Felsenstein reports at Panda’sThumb, I suggest commenting there.


Dembski’s farwell at the now archived site: https://uncommondescent.com/

I wish I had some fond UD memories, but I am not sure I ever posted there. It seemed over-moderated and therefore unworthy of effort. Whenever I would pop my head in to read a bit all I saw were the same three or four people telling each other how right they were.

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Was one of those “three or four people” a guy calling himself ‘kairosfocus’ by any chance? I noticed that he was a major contributor of new threads to UD towards the end, and seem to remember having some contact with him on some other forum decades ago – an apologist based in the Caribbean, I seem to remember.

I got banned after highlighting Barry Arrington’s quote-mining. Didn’t miss it.

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I don’t see why the recent happenings at the UD is worthy of a thread topic, considering that all blogs will eventually die.

KF was a long time commenter who was eventually promoted to writer. This was IMO the first strong indicator that UD no longer had content worth promoting, and was just trying to fill empty space to make the place look active.

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UD was the only ID friendly site that allowed comments at all, even if those were highly restricted.

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Monserrat, IIRC.

One of the funniest things I remember from UD is him trying to claim that it didn’t matter that the word he was emphasising in his mined misquote wasn’t actually in the original text.


Yeah, that seems familiar.

It always seemed to me that UD was a place where one could go and be the lone voice of sanity, only to be drowned out in cacophonous blather. And then, just when one was making some headway against the blather, one would be banned. I know some people managed to comment there without it all falling apart, but I suspect that I’d have lasted about half an hour.


Lot of epic threads on there. I recently wrote to Dembski to remind him of something he said on there years ago that was referenced by critics here a lot, that Dembski had abandoned the Explanatory Filter, and Dembski ended up writing about it here.

AND answered here, I think.

Before I was banned there, I was subject to a post by Barry Arrington in which, borrowing a phrase from kairosfocus, he accused me along with Larry Moran of being "in the grip of a ‘domineering parasitical ideology’”.

Good times.

Are Some of Our Opponents in the Grip of a “Domineering Parasitical Ideology”? | Uncommon Descent


LOL. Both domineering and parasitical. What colorful prose.

I assume Barry meant it is “domineering” because evolution won over creationism and there’s no longer any place for outdated and false ideas in the sciences (my oh my how terrible). But what’s the “parasitical” thing about evolution supposed to be?

The downside is that the crazies will migrate elsewhere.

I think he means our brains our being devoured by this ideology, as it might be by a parasite.

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