Intelligent Design nearly down the drain


I like the comment by Ken Pidcock:

If you understand ID as a plan to grift conservative Christians, they haven’t actually done too badly.

And that’s it, I think. It is hard to believe that it ever really was intended to be more, at least by its principal proponents.


A reminder that ID is just an acceptable version of creationism for those people embarrassed to be associated with the yokels going to the Ken Ham Creation Museum in Tennessee.


My Kentucky heritage compels me to both correct the error and hide my face in shame.


I think, in fact, most ID Creationists are perfectly happy to be associated with those yokels. It’s a big revival tent.


Ah, I thought about going to the “museum” once. I occasionally fly in to Cincinnati for business, and it’s not so far from there. And I understand there’s some decent fossil-hunting to be had in the area, too. I knew an engineer once who had taken his whole family there. I said I probably wouldn’t go, just because of the strange spectacle, and he mis-heard me as saying I wouldn’t go because it was probably too technical (which he then assured me it was not). But he was retiring, I didn’t need an argument or a discussion on this point at all, so I let it drop there…

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Very prestigious dignitaries have visited.


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