Intelligent Design Theory: Christian Church

I am an ID: Christian Faith.

How have you been excluded?

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I have received no contact. It seems that George Brooks likes the idea.

I havent even mentioned you in weeks. There is no plan on the matter.

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I do like your G with the little book. Is that your version of the Jeffersonian Bible? You really do hate me, ;however, I do not hate you.

Not an Evolutionary Creationist. What made you change you mind?

No one contacts me now.

How does that exclude you from posting here? You seem to posting here just fine right now.

Really. It is not my ability to post. It seems that I am being ignored. I have never meant you before, Mr. or Dr. Horton.

Have you changed your mind?

Who are you talking to?

To whom was I talking? To you. What happened to the system? I do no know

What system? You seem to be typing random phrases with no apparent point.

That “little book” is an icon that represents Joshua’s book, and @gbrooks9 has agreed to review it.

What is going on, Patrick. I believe you will be honest. What does “Not an Evolutionary Creationist” mean?

Hey Charles, how’s the new car? Hope you and your family are doing well. The weather in New Jersey has been really nice. Been walking by the water. :sunglasses:


The car is great. I am glad that things are doing well in New Jersey. The beach is nice this time of year.

Your friend,



I really don’t know. You Christians have confused me with all your religious terms, doctrine and dogma since I was a child. Never did understand the Trinity, Transubstantiation, and mortal vs. venal sin. It is so much easier and happier being a good moral atheist. :sunglasses:


It is good hear from you. I have no problem with evolutionary creation; however, we like other terms sometimes.

I do as it makes no sense to me. How would you define evolutionary creation?

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