Interesting response to Kentucky "In God We Trust" sign law

This alternative sign containing the words “In God We Trust” along with a summary of the history of national mottos is an educational response to the new law:

More details at:


On a related note, my grandmother often stumbled when saying the Pledge of Allegiance because she came from a time before “under God” was added to the pledge.


This is a pretty good response. It is accurate, informative, satisfies the law, and would be good for every student to read.


It sure is. What a constructive way to deal with the issue. It simply explains the facts.


…the more infuriated Kentucky conservatives will surely get.

Ending the article with that speaks to less than admirable motivation, however.

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I would say that that sort of “nose-tweak” is what all sorts of bloggers do to appeal to their audiences. All sort of writers on all sides of various debates tend to do this at times.


I think posting the back of a one dollar bill - what my city’s schools did - was clever. It (perhaps inadvertently, perhaps deliberately) conveys an additional message, namely that the almighty dollar is of paramount importance.

How can a conservative argue with that?


I’m not sure that the ‘beast’ in the book of Revelations is not the god Commerce that we all bow to, and the mark of the beast is on our wrists, wallet in hand, or literally, if we pay with our Apple watches. (Consider them to be phylacteries. :slightly_smiling_face:)

(Christians should maybe consider how much casual commerce they engage in on the Lord’s Day of rest, or working in commercial jobs.)

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