Interview with AiG CEO Martin Ilies

Question: Tell me some of the ways Answers in Genesis will change under your leadership.

Answer: So it used to be that the main argument raised by the culture to say Christianity is false is that evolution is true. I just don’t think that’s where we are anymore. We’re much more into social issues about climate change, racial issues, LGBT issues, all that kind of stuff. … So there’s kind of a broadening of the message that’s taking place as well at the moment.

We’re not deleting anything or walking away from any of that (creationism, young earth, etc.) just to be clear. … But what are the pressing issues today? What about when will we destroy the planet through climate change? That’s what people are asking, right?


Panda’s Thumb covered this back in November:


An Australian lawyer. (Crikey!)

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This one has video of Iles eating his first Twinkie.

Probably his last too. :wink:

Given Iles’ lawyering seems to have been for the Australian equivalent of ADF, I can see a degree of commonality between that and working for an apologetics organisation like AiG – both involve advocacy on behalf of the interests of Christianity, and more particularly a specific sectarian viewpoint within it, over the interests of other religious viewpoints. He’s just changed the venue of his advocacy from the courts to the court of public opinion.


Only one of my eyes is able to read average-sized text (and not always all that well), so I did a double-take when I initially thought The Panda’s Thumb headline read, “Martyn Lies is Now Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis.”


At 7 feet 0 inches, he’s a tall tale. :wink:

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