Introducing cdods

Hi, everyone, I’ve been reading on peaceful science for a few days and figured I should sign up and introduce myself.

I’m a follower of Jesus, who believes there cannot be a conflict between accurate science and the inspired Word of God. Convinced by the science for a very old earth, and evolution, but struggling to understand how that fit’s with a clear Biblical doctrine of original sin. Very happy to find a community of people interested in dialog rather conflict. Even better a community that contains some who accept both science and an “evangelical” understanding of the Bible.

The genealogical Adam concept occurred to me some time ago, and I have been amazed and very thankful to see others thinking about this, and looking to determine viability from scientific and theological perspectives.

I’m still trying to process and understand if & how this fits within what to Bible says, and how it would impact on my theology.


Hi cdods and welcome.

I think we can all agree on the fact that everyone is a sinner without having to agree on the exact mechanisms that bring that about.

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Welcome @cdods, there is going to be a lot coming out this next year to help you. My book is due out in November 2019. Both @Andrew_Loke and @jongarvey have books coming out too. In the mean time, the conversation continues here. There is a lot of information here, and you are welcome to ask questions and read what we’ve discussed already.

Hi @cdods

Both Josh’s book and mine take a crack at inherited guilt/sin, in partly different ways. I’d say that the bottom line with Genealogical Adam is that it makes an existing doctrine along those lines, deduced from Scripture, unproblematic scientifically - there is a line of inheritance from Adam to the whole human race.

Since ancestral sin has, in one form or another, been an historic feature of most Christian traditions since before Irenaeus, that’s a positive.

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@cdods tell us more about your self. Are you a professional or a student? What theological tradition do you gravitate towards? What is your training in?


@swamidass and @jongarvey. Looking forward to reading those books.

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@mung No we don’t all agree that everyone is a sinner. Your definition as to what is a sin has no legal, ethical, or moral standing in today’s secular society.

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I would be interested in a thread on this subject.

What a sinner I am!

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No you’re not. Enjoy life. Live long and prosper.

Sure, now that my sins have been forgiven. :slight_smile:

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No, not forgiven, but nullified.

As for your crimes and high misdemeanors, prosecutors will be looking into that.

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Christians often say it like this: “As if I had never sinned.”


Hmm, it is high time you got a title. Any suggestions?