Introducing Paul Price

There are a few others, one of our moderators (@J.E.S) is a YEC. There have been a few “drive by” YECs that have kind of blasted a bunch a posts and then took off in the time I’ve been here. I realize being a minority viewpoint, especially in a topic people feel very passionate about, can be quite difficult. I do wish we had more YEC folks as long-term conversation partners but there is such a large philosophical gap between YEC and atheists, in particular, that it makes dialog very hard and emotionally taxing.

Right now I think the Peaceful Science website itself is run by @swamidass, but a non-profit organization is being formed currently to grow the effort (particularly in areas of Ancestry, Art, and AI). A lot of the financial/grant-related stuff is being done through Washington University in St. Louis, I believe. There was some funding from the John Templeton Foundation for helping @swamidass workshop his GAE book, for instance.


So would you say that the philosophical gap between OECs and TEs and atheists is a lesser gap, then?

How about cassettes and vinyl? A friend of mine is really into a lot of 80’s nostalgia and is always loves to find that stuff. I’m a child of the 80’s as well so I can see some of the attraction, but I’m not into it enough to spend time/money on it.

I just got a tape deck from a yardsale, so I’ll get cassettes if they’re cheap I guess. But it’s not a major interest or anything. I was impressed by the quality, since I mostly grew up with CDs. I didn’t realize tapes could sound so good. I do like analog technology.

It varies, I’m particularly thinking about different philosophies of science. Some examples:

  • TEs and atheists will probably find more common ground in methodological naturalism
  • OECs, TEs, and atheists will find common ground in a basic belief that science can tell us something real about the past. They don’t tend to split things into “historical science vs observational science” like YECs tend to.

There are obviously major differences between all theists and atheists, but it’s hard to hold a conversation when there is virtually no common ground to build upon, which was my point.

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@Paul_Nelson/@pnelson (I never can remember which handle he uses) is also YEC, if I recall correctly. Nelson and JES actually have pretty amiable conversational relationships here. So there is no requirement that all of your interactions would necessarily consist of 900 argumentative posts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that so? I wasn’t aware.

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I think so, but I’ll let him answer for sure. He often makes an appearance when his name is invoked. :slight_smile:

Welcome and yup more YEC are needed to put things right. I think science is a verb and not a noun and entirely within human intellectual abilities. So its just people figuring things out and proving it or thinking they proved it.

YEC is under-represented for the simple reason it is completely untenable from a scientific perspective. It was soundly disproven well over 2 centuries ago by Christian scientists who ironically enough were seeking to validate things like a literal Noah’s Flood and young Earth. All the later discoveries in paleontology, radiometrics, and genetics have made the YEC position even more hopeless. That’s not a knock on YECs personally - my late mom and my two sisters was/are YECs - but in science it’s a non-starter. Keep all the Biblical beliefs you want but if you come in trying to “scientifically” demonstrate YEC claims you’re going to get your butt handed to you on a plate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Timothy_Horton, argue science on another thread. Be nice to our guest. Let’s hope he sticks around.


I wasn’t arguing science Dr. S, merely answering his question.


I have an agreement with @Timothy_Horton; he can troll to his heart’s content, and I’ll continue to ignore his trolling.

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Apologetics are annoying at best and sometime becomes harassment as well as possibly threatening. It should be illegal to do apologetic to anyone under 18 or for anyone under 18 to do apologetics.

@PDPrice, meet @Patrick. Patrick is one of my favorite PS participants—admittedly, I have lots of favorites here at PS—and he has an entertaining signature style of tongue-in-cheek, ignore-the-Constitution, compromise-those-free-speech-rights point of view. Give him a chance and I guarantee that you will have fun.


@AllenWitmerMiller is one of my favorite Christian. I consider him to be a really great Christian and a fine American. Christianity needs more Christians like him.:sunglasses:


Welcome, @PDPrice! :slight_smile:

It has been very interesting to read your discussions so far! I hope you will stick around and keep it up! :slight_smile:


Well that it up to @AllenWitmerMiller to assess. I consider him a friend and I hope he consider me his friend. I would not purposely harm him in any way. I would give him blood if he needed it (and if our blood type is compatible.) I wish him a long and happy life full of meaning and purpose. And those wishes of wellness goes to all his family and descendants both genealogically and genetically.