Jack Collins Endorses the GAE

Certain theological views are well-founded, and fundamentally important to a well-grounded system of belief; it can be rationally responsible to maintain those views, even if, for the time being, the science seems to call them into question. I believe this is true of basic theological beliefs about the origin of humankind and of sin. These are too well-connected to the kind of experiences that are universally accessible and all-but-universally recognized. Sometimes, if we wait, new light will come in the scientific thinking. And sometimes, as well, someone with enough imagination will propose a workable scenario that helps us past the apparent hump. Dr Swamidass has indeed provided an imaginative and creative way forward, promoting a truly “peaceful science.” I am grateful for his work, and commend it to you.


What do you think @jack.collins means by this? Is it possible that atheists know these things by other names?

It’s certainly possible, but I found the quoted statement to be far too cryptic to possibly give you an answer.

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