Clinton Ohlers on The Genealogical Adam and Eve

In this live streamed interview (December 30, 2019), historian @rcohlers discusses his endorsement of the GAE, and why he thinks this book is historically significant.

“Dr. Swamidass’s contribution is extremely significant, reshaping our understanding of the theological implications of evolution and population genetics. There is a recurring pattern in the history of science and religion. First, a scientific discovery and its seeming implications are treated as settled science and demands are made for a radical departure from recognizable Christian theology. Second, a sober corrective recognizes the legitimacy of the discovery but clarifies the real implications, and in so doing provides breathing room for real theological reflection, development, and genuine intellectual progress. Dr Swamidass, in this book, offers just such a sober corrective.”

Clinton Ohlers, intellectual historian of science and religion, University of Hong Kong. We first met at the Dabar Conference of the Henry Center at TEDS.