James Tour: A Matter of Life and Death: Challenging the COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracies

James Tour tackles the conspiracy theories far more directly in this video. I’m glad to see it.


The comments on these videos…what do they expect? You spend decades trying to convince people of nonsense, and now…they believe nonsense. Bit late to be closing the barn door. Don’t get me wrong, good on Tour, CMI, and any other creationists beating this drum. But make no mistake: a significant portion of this is their fault.


Yep. This is one of the fruits of arguing for decades that entire scientific fields, the media, and government, are all driven primarily by bias, ideology, and money.

Spend decades arguing that he entire field of biology and medicine, governmental institutions, and the mainstream media is some amalgamation of various degrees of elitist, liberal, socialist, and atheistic conspiracies, and then suddenly you find yourself surprised when your fans have zero confidence in the value of or expertise of anyone working in any of these fields?


Yes, and their fans will only listen to them as long as they keep feeding them these conspiracies. As soon as they try to tell their fans that they think mainstream science is right for a change and their fans immediately stop accepting what they’re saying (as the fans’ comments clearly demonstrate). They’re only interested in Tour & CMI as sources of confirmation of their prejudices, not as independent sources of information. In this they reap what they have sowed.


This is much more assertive than his previous video. It’s a pity he has to play Whack-A-Mole with all these conspiracies. (Hydrogel???)

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This even goes so far as Trump getting booed for endorsing the vaccine!


Liberty University, which denies evolution, doesn’t have masks, vaccines or social distancing mandatory. Coincidence?

Most creationists I’ve interacted with are antivax or support conspiracy theories and stuff like ivermectin. In fact, see this post on the creationist subreddit on Reddit. With only one exception, every person you see arguing against vaccines or pushing misinformation is a creationist.


Unfortunately, the same could be said for many state universities in the USA—even though they teach evolutionary biology. I just read through a few of their posted COVID policies on their websites. All I saw was “recommendations”. Very little was mandatory. (To avoid political commentary on red versus blue states, I’ve not identified the institutions—even though I have strong opinions about the need for aggressive enforcement of science-based safeguards.)


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