Creation Ministries International - CMI, vaccines and vaccination

A noticed this link in a bulletin of church I attended in the past. I explored it expecting the worst, but was surprised in a positive way.

CMI, vaccines and vaccination

I think it’s a particularly useful link, given it will be a trusted source for many of the evangelicals who are vaccine hesitant.


The comments CMI is getting on Facebook on another COVID-related post are full of denialism and conspiracies. Whoever runs the CMI facebook page is trying to keep it at bay, but like…what did they expect? You train your audience to distrust science, that scientists are dishonest, that Big Science is suppressing The Truth…and now you want them to take actual scientific information seriously? You’ve trained your audience to be susceptible to exactly this kind of misinformation. I appreciate CMI, Tour, and whoever else is trying to stick their fingers in the dike here, but…bit late for that. Decades of creationist propaganda are a large part of why so much of the population is susceptible to this misinformation, and they don’t get off the hook for being on the right side of the most obvious issue in modern history.


I skimmed Safarti’s article but couldn’t find the discussion on the CMI Facebook page. Has it been removed? I checked all the entries for August 24 and thereafter.

Here’s the link:

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