January 21-22: Peaceful Science Gathering in STL

As I furiously work on my book, and my scientific work, I did want to put out one quick and important invitation. If you are can make it out to Saint Louis on January 21 and 22, we are having our first Peaceful Science gathering. About 10 scholars are already planning on being with us.

January 21: 6pm-9pm, Dinner
January 22: 8:30am - 1pm, Lunch included.

If you can find a way to get here, I can cover one night of your hotel stay while you are out here, and both meals. Just let me know, so we can plan for you. This will be a great time to meet with people you’ve seen online, get the inside scoop on the upcoming book, and enjoy the community that is currently forming. I hope you can join us. Let me know!


If I attend will you stop claiming that I am anonymous?

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I am local and may be able to attend the first evening. Is there a publicized address?

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If I attend, can I pretend to be the honorary apodosis?

(Yes. Think of that one as a riddle. I’m in that sort of mood today.)

(And a parody version of the old Dr. Doolittle song, “Talk to the Animals” just popped into my head.)


If you start using your real name in public, then you will then no longer be anonymous. Of course I would stop saying you are anonymous when, you know, you are no longer anonymous and posting with your real name.

Whether or not you make that step you are welcome to join us in STL. Seeing one another face to face is a great way to build understanding, which might even make some of the forum exchanges more sensible. This will also introduce you to our values and a larger community of scholars forming around Peaceful Science. I hope you can come @mung. You are welcome, whether you are anonymous or not.

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Looked at flight costs, which are substantial, coming on short notice from the Seattle area… I will probably have to sit this one out, but look forward to meeting you all at a future venue!
Seriously, have a great time together! And, somebody have a Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda on my behalf, okay? : )


@swamidass, please send me an advance copy of your book. You can consider me an anonymous reviewer!

If you come, I’ll buy you breakfast!

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I think @Dan_Eastwood knows that breakfast is included. Hehe.

And if I were able to come, I’d eat that breakfast. With appreciation.

Alas, a rare patient cancellation has allowed for an appointment with a specialist physician on January 22 rather than waiting until July. (Some of the waiting lists for specialists nowadays are as many as eight months long.) So I will have to miss that breakfast.

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Looks like I may be able to come, after all. Thumbs up / bottoms up!

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Look what just came in the mail for workshop and gathering attendees. Peaceful Science coffee mugs!

Check it out @Rogero, @TWReynolds, @Philosurfer, @deuteroKJ, @Guy_Coe, @Dan_Eastwood.


Great design—and soon to be a collectors’ item. :wink:

(I’m a little surprised that there is not an “.org” in small type to encourage visits to the website.)

POSTSCRIPT: Perhaps in the future there will be memorable mottoes on the other side of the mug, such as Finding a Better Way™ and My spouse attended the Peaceful Science Gathering—but all I got was this lousy coffee mug.

(I don’t know if forum participants outside of the USA would recognize the allusion to the popular souvenir T-shirts sold at countless American tourist site gift shops.)


That is exactly what my wife said. As for the “org” a google search finds us without difficulty so no need to put the url.

The thought has crossed my mind to make this available for purchase…and perhaps some more clever ones could be made about genetic ghosting and the GA.

My ancestors are genetically ghosting me! :frowning:


True—but someone seeing “Peaceful Science” on a coffee mug might think it is merely a motto, catchphrase, or personal philosophy. They wouldn’t know that there is a website of interest to them. (Moreover, the “.org” would be a prominent statement that it is an educational endeavor and not a commercial entity.)

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Maybe next time. Anyone know a good graphic designer sympathetic to our cause?

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Genealogical Adam was my first thought as well! I came up with several tongue-in-cheek GA slogans—but most of them risked sounding sarcastic or condescending towards Adam-traditionalists. It can be difficult to produce humor for a broad audience which doesn’t risk misunderstanding or even offense.


Oh, PM me if you can! I love condescending humor!