Jeanson will not give up on this

Every time Nathaniel Jeanson slips from my mind someone always brings him back up again. Like a bad penny. He will not give up on this. It’s exhausting.

On this topic of the exchange I had with the authors of the paper from which he derived his Y-chromosome mutation rates I can’t help but wonder why he wasn’t the one to contact them? Why am I being criticized for this? This is his work is it not? Shouldn’t he be the one held responsible for representing their data accurately?

To me, I just think what he is doing is all BS. He doesn’t really care if any of it is scientifically defensible or not. He’s already made up his mind long ago as to the conclusion and the rest of his life is rationalizing the evidence to fit that conclusion to an audience that agrees with him already.


This is all a confidence game, nothing more. The bluster is the point. He’s never going to engage with the actual criticisms.

These criticisms are especially rich from someone with such half-assed supplementals that it’s next to impossible to reconstruct his actual methods from his raw data.


I’ve been engaged on a Facebook thread in the Creationism group with a supporter of Jeanson (who I think he communicates with?) going on about how the data are not made available from the Marretty et al paper where Jeanson derives his mutation rates from. It took me 10 seconds to go to that paper, find the European Nucleotide Archive project number, click on it, and access the vcf files for each and every genome sequence in that study. Still, the guy is parroting Jeanson’s claim that they are hiding SNP data. You’re right Dan it has all the appearance of a con game.


I clicked-thru to the video, but didn’t think I could tolerate 43 minutes of sludge.


Except it’s one in which the marks are very eager to get conned.


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