Swamidass and Guzman: The Science of Universal Ancestry

Will be on air tomorrow with a curious high school student.


So @SFT asked a question about Nathaniel Jeanson at the very end. I hope that Nathaniel listens closely to my answer. What do you think @GutsickGibbon, @Mr_Wilford, @dsterncardinale, @walkingfish and the rest of the youtubers?


For reference if the others see this, it’s at 55:45. And I agree. It really does seem like Jeanson tries to avoid engaging with critics, which is a little strange to me considering he’s so insistent on the testability of his model. If he wants his ideas and predictions to be taken seriously, he should open them up to scrutiny and the scientific method. You’re far from the only person he’s ghosted. I hear @dsterncardinale has had a similar experience


I first want to say you did very well in that whole interview. When I was around his age, it was that kind of openness on the “enemy” side that made me learn to chill out and start being a little more critical.

As for the question, you answered it well. That won’t make any difference to the Jeanson fan club, but that is to be expected. He’s their idol, and ultimately I’m sure you could show them screenshots of him leaving you on read and they’d claim its faked. Lol.

But in any case, those who aren’t in love with Jeanson really should be given pause. A professional who refuses to engage with his critics is a red flag. Doubly so when he’s trying to claim he’s Darwin 2.0 and is demanding his critics test his predictions for him.


@Mr_Wilford sums it up. If Jeanson was interested in actually contesting the dominant paradigm of biological origins, he knows how to do that. He hasn’t just not done that; he has refused to it.

He’s talking to a very particular target audience, and it ain’t scientists.