Just Got My First Shot of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

My country’s leadership is mostly to blame. There are chemical plants in my nation that could be used to locally manufacture the vaccines but they are moribund. Those criminals we call leaders loot public funds and stash it away in foreign accounts to the detriment of our health and educational sectors.

You don’t need to feel embarrassed. We are paying for years of neglect of the important things in society. We need the vaccines but each country has to take care of its own first.


Some of them. Others I only have to take for a year.

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I note that the US has the highest percentage of anti-vaxers of any country in the survey.

I heard something similar from someone who then proceeded to ask me my opinion of that claim. I assured her that many of the people who take the vaccine will indeed die after two years and that the others will die before two years. I cannot state the exact proportion involved—but I can say with reasonable assurance that both groups will die.

Of that I am confident.

(My mother died within just one year of getting vaccinated. She was age 96.)


The lady’s source of misinformation was way more extreme in its prediction. It says everyone who got the shots would die in two years. RIP to us all in advance.

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This sounds like a truly frightening plot for a movie set in a dystopian future: Everyone who got vaccinated dies and throngs of anti-vax, anti-science, QAnon-devotees are now in charge of the Quasi-United States of America. Marjorie Taylor Greene is President.

Some film scripts write themselves.


You know, that one might work out a bit like the film Patton, which was loved both by people who thought, “what a comically absurd ass Patton was” and by people who thought, “it’s a shame America no longer has such heroes who will take charge and do what has to be done.” Dystopian future sci-fi for the humans, utopian futuristic film for the others.


Here’s my own script. After two years all the vaccinated die off and everything you said happens. However, the microchips in the vaccines get activated and somehow discharges electricity to bring the vaccinated back to life, or something in between the living and the dead - the undead. The mass of mindless, Bill Gates-microchip-controlled vaxxed people would storm the entire world catching and forcefully turning the unvaxxed into what they are. The unvaxxed would fight back and will have the ultimate aim of destroying the Sheepie Tower where Bill Gates hides out and controls the horde of vaxxed zombies. At the end, the hero (of the unvaxxed) together with others will destroy the Sheepie Tower and as he is about to “delete” Bill Gates, he suddenly feels his cheeks get wet. Its his dog licking his face and he wakes up from his pipe dream. The end.

This deserves the Oscars.


Too close to Cell to be an original screenplay.

Haven’t seen that movie before but I just looked it up. Its similar but I guess you can see my script as Cell with a twist.

Not bad, but you need a couple about to get divorced thrown in together to protect their impossibly cute daughter. Then you have a lock on best screenplay.