Just Got My First Shot of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

Its coming late but better late than never. I finally got the first jab of the Moderna vaccine. Feels good to know my muscle cells will start expressing the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. The second jab is scheduled for November. Everyone in my immediate family is fully vaxxed now. Sweet!


Rather than start a new thread, could I park my personal news here? I had a heart attack on Friday, got a stent on Saturday, and was discharged on Sunday. It’s odd, because I had never before had any heart problems, and they found my heart arteries all nice and clean except for the one that caused the attack. Now I have to take a big pile of unpronounceable pills. Otherwise OK.


That’s great!

Yikes. Scary. Hope you will be feeling back to normal soon.

That’s good to know.


That’s great news! Sorry that it took so long to get to you.

:bomb: :exploding_head: Sure, John, just drop a bombshell on us! Glad to know you are still kicking, but I’m sure it was a frightening experience (says the guy who got a ride to the ER for heartburn).


Welcome to the unpronounceable pill club. As we age, we reach the stage in life where the pills are what keep us going.


Glad you’re back with us, John!

Hang in there, @John_Harshman ! Best wishes for an eventual shortening of the list of unpronounceable pills, and a long life to boot.


Thanks to folks for good wishes, and thanks to @Michael_Okoko for tolerating me barging in.

What percentage of people in Nigeria are vaccinated? Is there much opposition?


My personal experience is that these lists, once established, tend to slowly increase over time. :confused:

But we can but hope that @John_Harshman’s experience does not match my own.

2.3% one dose, 0.9% two doses

Mine, too. But I’m only 59 and my list is still relatively short. Some of them are even pronounceable.

The U.S. really should do a lot more to distribute vaccines worldwide. I’m embarrassed to get a booster; I feel I’m diverting capacity from places where it’s more important. But of course there’s no procedure underway to get that shot to someone who really needs it.

That is so sad.

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Vaccine donations, by country

Par for the course in Africa I’m afraid. North and Southern Africa are slightly better, but the entire central belt of Africa (with the exception of a couple of small countries) is in the 0-10% range even for the first dose.

Africa has only received 2.45% of Covid doses to date. Not good for Africa, and dreadfully short-sighted for the rest of the world.


Never fear. Alabama has lots of feed stores, and lots of Ivermectin, at least for those who don’t just, as Nancy Reagan put it, “say ‘neigh’ to drugs.”

No, you are not diverting. You are encouraging the manufacturers to make more.


Phew! I am glad you up and about again.

Life is full of surprises.

Hahahaha. Same happened with my over 60 years old dad after he was diagnosed with mild spondylosis a few months ago. He is off the meds as he seems to have fully recovered. I am guessing in your case, the meds will taken forever?

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Actually I could have gotten it earlier but the first phase of the vaccine rollout was just for frontline health workers and mostly the elderly. However, they have relaxed the rules so anyone can get vaccinated at any primary health centre.

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As the data @Tim cited shows, its pretty low.

Its difficult to say at a population level. However, if we extrapolate from my close-to-home experience, I wouldn’t say there is much opposition but there is a lot of hesitance.

Many Nigerians (and Africans) believe some “white” people want to destroy them and that the vaccines are a means to that end. This belief probably stems from horrible treatment my ancestors experienced under their former colonial masters.

Some feel that Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa and so has helped make the vaccines for that purpose. The Christian hesitant believe Bill Gates wants give everyone the mark of the beast with the vaccines.

For others its the typical misinformation that hinders them from getting the vaccine. My mum tried to tell a friend of hers to go get vaccinated but the lady replied that she heard or read somewhere that those who take the vaccine would die after two years. Some people I know still think the virus is not real or that it is a disease of the rich (who frequently travel to foreign countries where the virus is rapidly spreading and so contract it).