Ken Miller's 2019 High School Biology Textbook

This is the 2019 Textbook that will be used in 9th and 10th grade biology classes across the country. I find it amazing how far evolutionary science has come since my 10th grade biology textbook in 1973.

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Wait you mean Darwin’s idea is not on the edge of collapse, with scientists worldwide secretly hiding the fact that they know it’s a failed model?


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I had a Miller Levine textbook in high school. I had one of the elephant books. Which one did you guys grow up with? Miller & Levine - Web Site Archives

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Must have been dragonfly for me. A side story:

It was during my high school AP biology class that helped solidify my rejection of Christianity in my teenage years. I was filled with wonder learning about the scientific story of origins, perhaps in a similar sense as Einstein who supposedly remarked after a talk bubble Georges Lemaitre ‘that is the most beautiful and satisfying explanation of creation to which I have ever listened.’ It didn’t help that the Christians in class talked rather nasty about the teacher and that, combined with what I imagined the Christian explanation to be (i.e. that God just made stuff) helped solidify my movement away from the faith of my youth.


@pevaquark, can you tell us your story?