Lawrence Krauss Ejected for Sexual Harrasment

Penalty box or ejection? I wonder what will hapen to his Origin Project?

Ironically, there was a group at ASU who just invited me out to give a talk there, and were hoping to have a dialogue between myself and Krauss. I wonder what will come of that.


Origin Project will continue. Donald Johanson (Lucy) had it before him. Search committee will find an outstanding scientist.

I’m sorry @Patrick. I know he meant a lot to you. I know you also care about the treatment of women. It is always hard when leaders we care about fall.

Well it is unfortunate. He did a stupid thing. But he knew what behavior is required as a Professor at a university. There are consequences for one’s actions. The treatment of woman has been a human rights issue for along time. This woman had to endure a lot as it took a lot of courage to come forward and it took an in depth investigation to determine she was telling the truth.


There has been a rash of this in the atheist community. I’m glad you are not holding off in being fair, and holding them responsible. I still imagine it is sad. Perhaps a new generation of leaders will rise a bit quicker now.

As well as Bishops, Cardinals, Ministers, Presidents. This is where the higher moral ground must be established.


Absolutely not just an atheist problem. Power corrupts. We have to learn to lay it down instead of use it for ourselves.

Yes sexual harassment is usually about power. The more famous, higher level, one is tends to think that they can either get away with such behavior or is somehow entitled to get a way with it.


Senior charity workers too, it seems… though in that case, less senior charity workers get to have a pretty large share of power when thier victims have no subsistence. And film directors who can make or break careers. And media stars who have been cultivated as both semi-gods and brave movers of ethical boundaries.

It’s hard to think of many counter-examples apart from the Cross.


The victim said to the investigating team “She told them that “she did not feel victimized, felt it was a clumsy interpersonal interaction and thought she had handled it in the moment,” telling Krauss directly that his behavior was not OK. According to the report: “She also stated to the OEI investigator that the incident did not merit the man losing his career.”"

Poor old Krauss. Looks to me like a witch-hunt.

I suppose the lesson is: do not publicly grab the breasts of random women, even if they happen to be gracious and forgiving. It seems being gracious and forgiving is not an open invitation to grab a breast. Who knew?


He is lucky he is not in jail…
Groping women without consent is sexual assault you know…

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Thanks for the warning, Josh. I’m going into Taunton shopping this afternoon, and will bear it in mind.


So easy to let that esoteric and idiosyncratic rule slip your mind, right? Oh what is the world coming to!

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