Lents Unmentioned

@NLENTS, what will your response be if (when?) ENV mentions me and not you?


ARGH!!! Damn you, Art! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is shall now repost a photo of @Art, granting ENV permission to use in their response…

Just to be nice, I’ll also post this photo of us, but I want them to use the one of @Art, just so I can see what it does to you. :sunglasses:


There’s only one solution. Meet up in person, all 3 of you, and saturate Google Images with photos of you as a trio so ENV has no choice but to include you. There’s only a 10% chance they’d decide to photoshop you out.


Omg, if they use that photo, I am unfriending both of you but in real life!

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You know, they have gone silent. Maybe they gave up on us?

Not a chance. They have a code to never cede a single point, no matter how much egg is on their face. They’re regrouping and writing more attack pieces. It won’t be long. But by then, I’ll have moved on to other errors. I have at least four more big corrections coming and I’ll drop each one of them when I’m good and ready. :slight_smile: Behe REALLY should have had people read his manuscript first. There’s a reason why peer review is such a cherished institution in science.


Um, it’s only been a matter of hours. I am sure the attack dogs are all over this …

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