Lessons in Geostatism and the Coronavirus Hoax Learned at the Dog Park

A truly remarkable post by @Joel_Duff


Even though belief in God wasn’t mentioned in your conversation, can I make a guess that the person you talked to in the park identifies as a Christian?

The mindset of conspiracy theorists is an amazing window into the human psyche. I can’t understand how otherwise intelligent and honest people can fall down these rabbit holes, and yet that is exactly what happens.


Ask @Joel_Duff :slight_smile:

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I really can’t say. Usually I can get a sense from some cues like what they are wearing, what they think of my big family, bumper stickers on cars etc… but in this case there was nothing about his appearance or mannerisms that lead me to lean one way or the other. One thing I didn’t say in my post is that when he was talking about how each generation has been getting dumber I interjected that it was hard to argue given who this generation elected as president. I didn’t say that so much because I believed it was a good argument but just because I wanted to know if he was a big Trump supporter. I was a bit surprised when he agreed but then went on to say that we don’t really elect anyone in this country so there is no point in voting with the exception of very local issues which he said he does vote for.


This is one of your best @Joel_Duff.

Thanks,.If you had asked three days ago I would have said I wasn’t going to have new content for the blog for quite some time since I’ve been so busy but after that visit in the park I could not help but write about it. Maybe the easiest post I’ve ever written since the story writes itself.

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It’s funny but sad.

I don’t think we have to go far to see that though we may laugh at someone who thinks the world is not moving and viruses are not what they think, are not that different than what we see promoted on Facebook and Twitter every day by large numbers of people.

He probably is getting most of these ideas from Facebook, is lonely, and has lost the art of normal conversation. Hopefully you do get to talk to him again.