Livestream: How I Changed My Mind on Evolution

Thanks for watching @Rumraket.

I was pretty shocked myself. I also found that clearly calling out these cases of dishonesty is dangerous. People who lie this freely will do very unethical things to protect themselves. Even softly implying deception, or clearing the record, can call down their wrath. I’ve learned it is important to be cautious and careful in how I expose this deceit.

@jammycakes has a very thoughtful explanation of this among YECs. I highly recommend this series, and I hope he some day cleans this up into a book or booklet: The 10 Best Evidences for a Young Earth .

It is too charged between us right now to point out the examples I know of in ID. That will take time.

A prominent atheist, on video (so not private!), admitted that he knew full well that evolution did not disprove God, but liked saying so because he was more concerned about advancing atheism than advancing science. The audience applauded.

The GAE diplomatically calls out two evolutionary creationists for making public false statements. We can know from public evidence that they knew at the time these were false statements.

I would be remiss to neglect disclosing my own mistakes. In 2017, I made imprecise statements in support of claims by another scientist, claims that I knew to be false at the time. I have great regret about this, and have already explained in other places my error. Why did I do it…

  1. I was trying to be diplomatic.
  2. I thought he was ultimately correct, but for a different reason than he stated, so this wasn’t such a big deal.
  3. I was untenured, and feared retribution.

None of these are valid reasons for making false statements. I could have qualified my statements more carefully. In the end, I still faced retribution anyways.

So I also have made a large mistake in this way. By God’s grace, I came clean quickly, on my own, and publicly. Still, I have great regret about my statements. I should have never have put those false statements in print, and I hope I never do something so foolish again.