Maybe Livestreaming ASA Workshop

Dr. Swamidass is still grieving his father’s passing. Moments like these brings the grieving to the forefront. Thinking about how his father would have help him through can be very comforting to him.

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If you are implying that I am bringing up family to somehow manipulate Dr. Swamidass, you are greatly mistaken. I did not know Dr. Swamidass’ late father so I do not know how his father would advise him. Only he knows. My one and only reason I mentioned his father is because we have talked numerous time on how painful events are intertwined and how when one surfaces, others do too.

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@Patrick , it may be hard to understand, but @swamidass loves and follows a Savior Who was “silenced” in a much more unjust fashion. It didn’t silence Him. The truth will out. In these kinds of circumstances, we have learned not to be overtaken by fear or anger, but to soldier on, and trust God for the outcome.
For Christians, it’s how well we go through times like these that speaks most highly of how well we’ve been discipled by Him. Thanks for being supportive, but Josh is more used to these kinds of shenanigans than you know. It’s part of the school of “hard knocks” for serious --and, effective --Christians. I’m sure you can relate.

More Christian psychobabble to justify Christians treating other Christians badly. Time to wake up and realize it for what it is.

“Wise as serpents, innocent as doves.” Go figure out what that means to Christians, okay?

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Why, I couldn’t care less what that means to Christians.

Well, that’s true, at least.

I was at the session. I signed up, not because I knew anything about @swamidass or Peaceful Science, but because Historical Adam is a conversation/concern that is happening on my campus (I teach at a small Christian university in the Midwest) and I wanted to know more. But because @swamidass stuck with the presentation, I and many others had a chance to hear about the idea of a genealogical Adam, Peaceful Science, and a new (and to my mind, fruitful) way forward for people to work on the science and theology of human origins. I know it was frustrating for the folks here who wanted to watch it, but it was still very impactful for a whole bunch of people who new to this discussion.

To @swamidass , I am thankful for the courage, vulnerability, passion, and expertise you showed in the workshop.


Yeah I agree. I already now know what I should have done. I should have kindly ejected the disruptive person from participation, worked it out with the ASA, and explained briefly to the crowd it was going to be taped.

The good news is that I can confirm a bootlegged recording that might be retroactively cleared to be released publicly. Right now, however, it must be kept private. Once again, in an abundance of caution, I will not make it public now.

Thank you @Jordan. I’m glad you are here and welcome. We would love to have you work with us to seek peace here. Thank you.


@AJRoberts it is not as good as a recording, but I’ve summarized the salient points here. I’m curious your thoughts.

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Hey, what ever happened to AJRoberts? Wasn’t she going to present the RTB biological creation model here?

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