Maybe Livestreaming ASA Workshop

At @AJRoberts request, we will try to Livestream the ASA workshop tomorrow, 2-5pm EDT. It is not clear if we can pull this off, but we will try. If it works, you will see the stream come up at the Peacful Science Facebook page.

Please reserve this thread for comments about the workshop, should we succeed overcoming the technical issues.


Do you want any questions from atheists? We can pre-arrange softball questions that you can slam dunk. I tried very hard to make Venerma look good against Jeanson. I am willing to do the same for you. :grinning:

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Thanks, but no questions :wink: .

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Thanks, Joshua @swamidass, praying for a good workshop on your end and hoping to catch it on FB live.


Best wishes for an excellent workshop. On behalf of the group here, we’ll be watching, and make us proud with your wisdom and insight.

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It’s a “no go” for the live streaming. ASA’s call it seems.


Aw, shucks… we civilians don’t rate…: )

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I was told about this decision 15 minutes ahead of time. They were unwilling to record and decide later what do with recording. I almost didn’t do it, but swallowed my anger and did. Workshop went great, which is doubly sad it was not recorded.

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@AJRoberts and @Patrick and @Guy_Coe, and everyone else, thanks for your interest and support of this. A brief summary now, and we will hear more about it soon in an upcoming office hours: Greg Cootsona: The "Science of Adam" Workshop.

The attendance was impressive. There were about 75 people, each who paid an extra $35 to attend, and came a day early to the conference. It was a packed room, standing room only. The actually presentation went really well. A Christianity Today reporter was there too, is considering to write an article on this soon.

I was not allowed to record the workshop.

A few weeks ago, without my knowledge, it appears that a representative of another organization lobbied ASA to prevent any recording of the workshop. Without consulting or informing me, it was decided that the stated intent of the workshop was to be overriden, and no recording would be allowed. I was notified of this decision merely 15 minutes before the presentation. No unofficial recording was allowed. The other organization’s representative emphatically insisted there be no recording, threatening to disrupt the workshop if I recorded it. It is possible there is a bootlegged recording, made by one of the panelists. It is possible it will appear and we will be able to share it at sometime, but this is far from certain at this time.

The next day, I informed Dr. Stephen Moshier, president of ASA of the material facts, and asked him to investigate the unmanaged conflicts of interest and lack of due process. To his credit, it appears he is taking this seriously.

I am shaken by this experience and still recovering. I am both encouraged by the high excitement about our work, and deeply saddened by the consistent and organized opposition it faces.

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If these are the facts, Joshua, uou should state who had requested the ruling for no recording if the session.

Which group or which person made the Request?

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I know the group and person but want to keep that confidential at this time.

Why did you participate after the rules have been changed? You could have walked out the door. Did you consider that? What made you stay? Did you accomplish anything by staying? I consider what happened there as an attempt to muzzle your message, to silence it without silencing it. You are giving them too much power. You are the person of science coming to them. You have integrity and you speak the truth. You don’t make stuff up. I recommend that you record your talk and place it on Peaceful Science Facebook for all to see and say that ASA wouldn’t record it so you did.

You are being manipulated by them. It is very dishonest and lacks integrity. See it for what it is. If you told this to your father, what would he say?

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@Patrick I wonder that right now too. I had minutes to make a decision. It was a hostile moment. I decided to be a professional and do what came to do. I was shaking with anger, but calmed myself and delivered.

Yeah, I know.

I need to patient right now. Stephen Moshier does not appear conflict in this situation, and he was not involved with this fiasco. He listened to what I shared and promised me to follow up on it. I want to give him a chance to resolve this, make restitution, and make public what happened. It would be better if ASA made this public instead of me. I want to give them that chance before I do anything more.

I do need to chill. What is done is done. I’m going to wait and see how it is handled. It is possible it will be made public by me in the future, but not now. Let us refrain from making inferences or doing anything. Let us be patient and see how it is handled.

My bad man. That was directed at Patrick for bringing family into it.

@Patrick and I talked a lot about my father, who died this last January. He often asks me what Dad would say when I’m faced with a difficult decision. It is meaningful to me, because I am honestly already thinking that question, even in the moment. It is okay the way @Patrick brings it up. I’m honestly still grieving him. I honestly miss him so much in moments like this.

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I understand and I apologize for the misunderstanding

Exactly! Thank you @T.j_Runyon

Ok, I respect that decision. You were certainly professional. You are now well prepared for the next time.

Ok, learn from the experience. Know thyself. Be patient and thoughtful. Next time, you will see it in slow motion and you will have plenty of time to react.