McDowell, Rana and Swamidass: Livestreamed on Sunday

@swamidass, the YouTube page says 9 PM CDT, while the email I received a bit ago (from Peaceful Science) says 7 PM CDT. I’m guessing that McDowell has the time correct on his YouTube page, since he is hosting.


I just sent him a note. I suppose we will find out soon enough!

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I think the talk was HUGELY successful !!!


What did you like about it?


I LOVED LOVED LOVED the sense of good feelings and camaraderie…

… so when the other fellow said something totally infuriating, I wasn’t bothered so much…

I think I understand better the motivations of people like Rana and Craig for an older Adam.

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@AJRoberts curious your thoughts on this exchange when you get a chance to listen to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s correct to see that Coyne was wrong. He just didn’t consider alternative scenarios. Given his understanding that A&E means de novo created, sole ancestors of humans, then he’s correct that science rules that out. It doesn’t completely rule out a bottleneck of 2 in an evolved population, and it doesn’t at all rule out the GAE scenario. But I wouldn’t say that means he was wrong in his original claim.

Yes, that is exactly what I say in the last chapter of the book. He was right in the scenario he considered, but he did not allow for people outside the garden.

Did you say that in the conversation? Because the first part seems to consist of just dumping on Coyne (or coin, as the transcript knows him).

Oh I did not dump on Coyne. I directed people to what I wrote in the book, and said that this mistake was something that a lot of people made, including a lot of Christians.

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Great interview. I enjoyed the collegiality and how much fun you guys seemed to have with the discussion, not wanting it to end. It demonstrated that you have more agreements than disagreements, and a desire to understand one another and to look for new solutions to the challenges of the science and theology of Adam and Eve.