Metzger: How Peaceful Is Your Approach to Science & Faith? An Interview with S. Joshua Swamidass

An interview by Paul Louis Metzger about Peaceful Science. We are finding a new way forward on faith and science.

The other side of the coin, we interviewed him too: Paul Metzger: On New Wine, New Wineskins.

In our civic practice, we’ve seen surprising things.

A public Christian scientist, Darrel Falk, who had argued against Adam and Eve for a decade, admitted he was “wrong.” A public atheist scientist, Nathan Lents, articulated a thoughtful affirmation of original sin, publicly supporting my work on Adam and Eve in a USA Today article and on NPR. A Christian College chemistry professor, Jordan Mantha, explained a perspective altering encounter with a homosexual atheist Christian. Another atheist scientist faced a humanist dilemma in my book, deciding to endorse it as a moral imperative, against his own desires. A physics PhD student, just published in Nature , explained why he believes Jesus rose physically from the dead to a group of secular scientists. Together, we are taking seriously all sorts of questions from the public. We are understanding each other in new ways, ways that are changing us.

Community across differences is messy and unpredictable, especially in the internet age. Our forum is not for everyone. Still, the exchange is always more fun, the dialogue is more authentic, when you don’t know what to expect.