Monkeys Genetically Edited to Mimic Human Brain Development

A number of scientists, even one involved with the study, have criticized the experiments. Unnamed scientists called the experiments “reckless” and “questioned the ethics of genetically modifying primates,” reports MIT Technology Review . “The use of transgenic monkeys to study human genes linked to brain evolution is a very risky road to take,” James Sikela of the University of Colorado who was not involved with the study tells MIT Technology Review . “It is a classic slippery slope issue and one that we can expect to recur as this type of research is pursued.”

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Wonder if there will be a Gene editing arms race in the near future.

They are just animals and no ethics is involved.
Yes I think one could effect the memory but monkeys are just dumb animals. they are not made in Gods image and so intelligence.
They will not create intelligent critters.
I understand china is backward and poor for most of its people. why are they spending money on this? thats a ethical problem with dictatorships. They just want to pretend they are keeping up with the better nations in science stuff.

This reminds me of the David Brin “Uplift” series of books:

Given the rate of advancement in genetic, it is better to have ethical debates and set down ethical guidelines before we are able to create sentient species through genetic modification.

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Robert, do me a favor and read Stephen R. L. Clark. Then we can discuss animal rights.

What could possibly go wrong? We have (so far) barely avoided destroying ourselves in the nuclear arms race.

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Only God or man gives rights. animals have no rights from God and man can not say animals have things like rights which man has. anywaus saying animals are dumb is unrelated to rights.

What about dogs? I see people around here treating their dogs better than other human beings. For example, I know of a diabetic dog who’s owner purchases insulin for the dog while a young woman needs to ration her’s because a lack of funds. It made for a very eye-opening conversation one day in the park. Here was a overweight older gentleman walking his overweight dog complaining about the high cost of insulin for the dogs while the young woman was trim, fit and a runner who said she has to ration her insulin and some days go without because she couldn’t afford a full month’s supply.

your right. Putting animals ahead of people is evil and immoral and in gods eyes illegal.
No dog should get insulim while any human needs it or has money problems getting it. those dogs should die. until the last human is fine on health matters.
Indeed the money spent on creatures is wrong relative to humans anywhere who go without.
Its a great lack of love. Its breaking Gods commandment.
Even more when its hugh funds. i know animal lovers but peopl;e must not only come first but only.

That s**t with 700$ insulin still going on over there?


“Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” Proverbs 12:10

@DaleCutler I can’t figure out how a line from an 2500 year old ancient text applies to modern day US Healthcare system. Can’t we solve this problem with 21st century human technology, reasoning, and empathy? this is not that difficult of a problem to solve. I can’t figure out in a country like ours, with all its high tech pharmaceutical industries, how any person can be short of insulin because of an individual finances and cash flow. The has to be a solution and words from an ancient book doesn’t help with the solution as it is just words. It is like prayer, it makes it look you you are actually doing good but in reality you are doing nothing.

MLK relied a lot on words from an ancient book. Seemed to work well for him, and he did well enough for society, don’t you think?

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I inferred, maybe incorrectly, what Robert was saying, that concern for animals had no place. And of course, the ancient text is useless to you.


The solution is not technology… it’s capitalism… you need companies to break the monopoly of the top three insulin manufacturers…
Do you know they sell insulin in India in between 3-8 dollars?
I don’t know if it’s the exact same product, but it’s the same company. One major difference imo is that India has indegenous manufacturers.