My Favorite Fossil: The Extinct Oyster Gryphaea (AKA Devil’s Toenails)

Here is a piece by @Joel_Duff that appeared today on Biologos.

It is really really quiet over at Biologos. This piece by @Joel_Duff is very nice, but here PS we discuss a much broader range of science, theology, and social items every hour of every day. This was Biologos’ only post in 6 days.

Nice piece Joel but you could have placed it here at PS any time you wanted to.


Thanks. It’s a simple piece and BioLogos does need content and I’m happy to provide them with a few things. Yeah, I could post things like that here but despite it being fairly quiet at BioLogos posting here would not be worth the effort. It’s not a piece that is really a discussion starter and posting here might get a piece like this maybe 40 views at best while I will still get 500 or more on BioLogos with a longer lifespan. Even on my own blog it would get 500 to 1000 views. This site is good for serious discussion of theology and science but not yet for wide viewership from the lay seeker of information which is who I am more interested in providing content for.

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Does they pay you anything for this content?

@Joel_Duff, I’d love to get solid content for the main blog. That actually does get a broader engagement, for a longer period of time.