Why It Is Hard to Disprove Evolution


Where is this from? Who are you talking to?

Veritas Forum it seems.

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That was well stated. I like it.

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How did that go over with Ross, the moderator, and the audience? Or did he just ignore the point?

Good, but I was a bit jarred by the term ‚Äútransitory‚ÄĚ fossils. Mostly they get called ‚Äútransitional‚ÄĚ fossils. Furthermore the terminology is a little misleading even then. In the 1950s biologists tended to assume that anything in the fossil record that looked like the ancestor really was the ancestor. By the 1970s they came to recognize that mostly these were going to be close relatives of the ancestor, but that the incompleteness of the fossil record meant that the actual ancestral species was often going to be missed. But they kept on using the term ‚Äútransitional‚ÄĚ, explaining now that this meant having a transitional combination of characters, showing that they had branched off from a lineage that contained the actual ancestors. People are likely to get confused as to what ‚Äútransitional‚ÄĚ means. As for ‚Äútransitory‚ÄĚ, well, all species are transitory.


Good point. I misspoke when I said ‚Äútransitory‚ÄĚ. I meant ‚Äútransitional.‚ÄĚ

Your technical points are helpful. Thanks.


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In the video Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross says that dark energy is real and the dominant component of the universe so this necessitates the need for an Intelligent Agent beyond space time. Am I understanding that correctly?

Gabby Johnson is right?

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‚ÄúWho can argue with that?‚ÄĚ (Definitely someone whose first name starts with the letter J; Jack Daniels Jim Beam or Johnnie Walker)

Hi I think that whatever you believe in theistic or atheistic evolution, ID, or are a young/old earth creationist that we need humility, charity, and common intellectual decency, To fully benefit from this debate, agree with Josh or not he tries his best to lift the discussion up and he should be an example for us.


Thanks. I hope I live up to that as often as I can.


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