New Thread: is Information important... if God?

I kick off this thread with the final thread by @EricMH. I’m not sure how it happened, but he got into some intense discussion where it seemed like some kind of Either/Or crossroads was reached. And he said he was leaving:

I found this all very odd and disconcerting. This site should not pose an Either/Or dilemma when the two sides are BOTH Christian!

Why should it matter whether information can or cannot be quantified in a God led sequence of Creations?

Readers… please help keep posters on point: we are not here to PROVE OR DISPROVE I.D.!

We are here to PROVE that God can create a Cosmos using both natural and MIRACULOUS acts of creation!

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It matters a lot to ID is that can be proven. He had an argument and wanted to make it.


Now is the time to bring Peacefulness to bear. Christians don’t fuss with other Christians about SCIENCE PROVING that Jesus was resurrected. It irrelevant.

And so is this non-stop dispute whether we can use information theory to PROVE God’s influence on Creation.

If we can stop and pause… and say these 3 things:

1] We MIGHT be able to use Science to PROVE God was involved…
2] It is a little LESS LIKELY that science can prove HOW he created.
3] But we agree God created using TWO WAYS…

Then PeacefulScience.Org is doing it’s job.

I personally don’t think I.D. can be scientifically proven… but my doubts are not important enough to create a new denomination over the issue!

You have some good points here.

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