New Thread: is Information important... if God?

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I kick off this thread with the final thread by @EricMH. I’m not sure how it happened, but he got into some intense discussion where it seemed like some kind of Either/Or crossroads was reached. And he said he was leaving:

I found this all very odd and disconcerting. This site should not pose an Either/Or dilemma when the two sides are BOTH Christian!

Why should it matter whether information can or cannot be quantified in a God led sequence of Creations?

Readers… please help keep posters on point: we are not here to PROVE OR DISPROVE I.D.!

We are here to PROVE that God can create a Cosmos using both natural and MIRACULOUS acts of creation!

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(S. Joshua Swamidass) #2

It matters a lot to ID is that can be proven. He had an argument and wanted to make it.

(George) #3


Now is the time to bring Peacefulness to bear. Christians don’t fuss with other Christians about SCIENCE PROVING that Jesus was resurrected. It irrelevant.

And so is this non-stop dispute whether we can use information theory to PROVE God’s influence on Creation.

If we can stop and pause… and say these 3 things:

1] We MIGHT be able to use Science to PROVE God was involved…
2] It is a little LESS LIKELY that science can prove HOW he created.
3] But we agree God created using TWO WAYS…

Then PeacefulScience.Org is doing it’s job.

I personally don’t think I.D. can be scientifically proven… but my doubts are not important enough to create a new denomination over the issue!

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #4

You have some good points here.

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