New Wine Tastings: What Does the Future Hold? Being the Church in the COVID After-Math

The uncertainty ahead calls out a need for patience in our leaders.

@swamidass interviewed by Paul Louis Metzger on the New Wine, New Wineskins podcast about the Church and COVID-19.

And the clip with my contribution:


Good job. The “Being the Church in the COVID After-Math” title is a very clever and effective use of a play-on-words to emphasize your point about the potential infection numbers.

I’m planning to use Dr. Swamidass’ clip in the mid-week Bible study I’m teaching tonight via Zoom. (One of my main themes will be responding to a current trope among a lot of preachers: the teaching that the Bible treats fear as something to be avoided as unwise and “weak.” Wrong. As with so many topics, context is everything and the Bible both encourages and discourages fear depending upon the person and situation. I will add @swamidass’ infection numbers and estimates to my supporting illustrations to further underscore the need for everyone to follow diligently the COVID-19 safety recommendations of epidemiologists. Christ-followers who trust the Bible should recognize fear as a gift from God, a very human and necessary reaction to that which may threaten our survival. A healthy fear can be an important first step to wise actions, and that is the kind of fear that the Bible “endorses.”)